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This is a very important time in human history and there are many people here to plant and nurture the seeds of conscious for humanity’s evolution. 

Mastery Tools

Benefits of Meditation and Deep Breathing

Don’t Bring Things to a Painful Point How often have you wanted to get in the last word or tried to alleviate your discomfort by forcing an issue beyond what another person felt able to discuss?  Another way is by running away from topics that scare us.  It could be finances, the death of a […]


Mindfulness – The Art of Qi Gong Breathing Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese health care practice that comes out of the Taoist tradition, which has been used for over 5000 years. It is the ancestor of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese martial arts. Qi Gong’s’ primary purpose has always been to promote a […]

A WAKE UP CALL – Self Worth and Young Women

A growing epidemic and the issues surrounding young women and lack of self worth have only started to be addressed.  One of the biggest issue is identity. There is no real model from which young women can identify with. There is no model to fit the ideal. Media feeds on controlling this large demographic with […]

CONSCIOUS DESIGN – Being the Greatest Version of Our Selves

How often do we drop out of higher vibrational frequency when we don’t get what we want? When we ask for something from the Universe and we don’t see the results immediately, we then shift our energy to a lower frequency that is peppered with self doubt, resentment and frustration. We do things all of […]

Join The Conversation

People need to know that the “only one way to truth” is a myth and our intricate lives require a balance between responsibility and action, fueled by curiosity, creativity and objective discernment. Sage Energetics believes in pushing past barriers and self-created constructs by asking bold questions such as, • What is needed in order to […]


Look at the bullet points below and pick one that resonates with you.  Each exercise has been taken from various seminars in personal transformation and development.  It’s always helpful to find someone to do this with that you trust and can be transparent with you. * Ask the question: “What does your heart desire?” Think […]

AUTHENTICITY – Illuminating the Path To Emotional Freedom

When we find ourselves in the intermix of emotions, but able to separate distinction and contrast, in the calm knowledge of integrity, unwaveringly committed to thy Self, we are being lead to authenticity. When the opinions of others, media and worldly influences no longer affect our state of being, we are living authentically. When the […]

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Announcing the Publication of The Greatest Gift!

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