Sage Energetics

Mindful Insights

“In life, it is not so much what happens to you as much as how you handle it.”

– The Greatest Gift

Mindful Insights

There are many experiences in life worth remembering, but the experiences that profoundly impact life – the experiences that explode with vigor, delight and power are the ones that shift conscious awareness, and we are forever changed.


It’s in those moments that we become different and are no longer the same person from that experience.

The experience itself produces the internal shift in awareness, whether that be a profound insight, a boundless accomplishment, or a delightful, lingering kiss.  The end result is the same; personal transformation.

Our heart knows no bounds and when we live through our hearts, in love with life, and we get to experience these wonderful, juicy moments often.  In fact the more we stay in the beautiful vibration of our heart space, the more we get to co-create the experience we most want have, and allow life to unfold with desires and dreams fulfilled.