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CONSCIOUS DESIGN – Being the Greatest Version of Our Selves


How often do we drop out of higher vibrational frequency when we don’t get what we want?

When we ask for something from the Universe and we don’t see the results immediately, we then shift our energy to a lower frequency that is peppered with self doubt, resentment and frustration.

We do things all of the time that don’t feel good, such as staying in a bad relationship, staying at a job we don’t enjoy, complaining about what we don’t have, gossip about others, feeling like a victim, etc.  It is a great disservice to our Higher Self.

shutterstock_138564278All things are energy and energy is infinite. All energy is here to serve us. Divine Energy is GOD – but based on conditions from religion about God, many see God as a projection of a personification in order to conceptualize God.

When we understand All That Is is not outside of us, it is all within us, then all things flow.

Universal Source or God is within all of us, therefore we are all part of the Universal Source. Love is the divinity of all things and when we open the door and transform our old conditionings, we become aligned in One with God.

We are whole and sovereign and when we get out of our “minds” and into our hearts, we become witnesses to the greatest version we can be.

Fear creates all suffering. Victim behavior is a choice that each person decided upon to project and act out, however, at an unconscious and lower frequency level. We all have free will and there are no victims, only willing participants.

We are slowly seeing the shift in a cycle of limitations that we impose on ourselves. We are beginning to emerge into a new awareness, a new paradigm where we become powerful creators and sovereign beings.

This new paradigm that awaits us is a time to merge both the light and dark. To diminish the belief that dark is bad, but to understand that dark and light are interconnected. Darkness is one aspect of light and the inclusion of all things.


The key to transcending ‘darkness’ is to balance all dark with light; mastering the darkness to have the abilities to see the light.

Living in fear is a disconnection from our Source Energy. When we remember we are infinite and eternal, fear vanishes. When people carry fear within them, it creates separateness. All illness starts in the emotional field from the negative emotions people carry. It is time to eliminate the drama and connect to the possibilities life has to offer.

It is time to remember who you are. Get to know yourself.

Ask yourself questions that will help you dive deeply into your soul, into an awareness that is you.

  • Where and when are your buttons being pushed?
  • When do you get tense?
  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • How do you feel about yourself?

Great discoveries occur when we become aware of the answers to these questions and choose to transcend them.


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