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Don’t Bring Things to a Painful Point

How often have you wanted to get in the last word or tried to alleviate your discomfort by forcing an issue beyond what another person felt able to discuss?  Another way is by running away from topics that scare us.  It could be finances, the death of a loved one, of simply feeling insecure about what you ought to be doing with your life.  When we engage in acts such as these in attempt to bring ourselves a sense of comfort, we are really doing the opposite – we are bringing things to a painful point.

When the discomfort feeling comes up, it’s easy to shut down and not deal with issues at hand.  Perhaps you may sit in front of the TV and watch endless episodes of whatever, drink excessively or spend hours obsessively checking your favorite websites (FaceBook, vacation spots, etc).

Unfortunately, when we hide from our problems they only tend to get bigger.  The same issues you thought went away are only more in your face when trying to avoid them.  As a result, this avoidance tactic is likely to only cause even more pain.

Instead of avoiding discomfort, face your fear and tackle difficult topics straightforward and mindfully.  It doesn’t mean that giving space to difficult problems shouldn’t be attempted, as at times a lot of space to a difficult problem sometimes is what is needed to resolve the issue.  However, if you find you are avoiding something, try practicing meditation, bringing yourself fully present, become familiar with your own senses and act from that point of view.

Meditation provides grounding and calmness to one’s life.  When practiced, meditation aides in positive attitude, patience and clarity.  Sometimes clarity is all that is needed in resolving issues.  Mediation need not be only sitting in front of a statue, legs crossed and chanting “OM” to get results :))  You can go for a walk in nature, sit in reflection or breath for a few minutes to feel the benefits.

We are forever growing and benefit from returning to fundamental tasks such as breathing and meditation.  As we do, we will see success in our work and live a life that is meaningful and in line with who we want to be.

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