Sage Energetics


Discovering the essence of life
requires us to step back 
and uncover who we truly are 
and align ourselves 
with our highest calling.


Lisa M. Brazelton is a successful business executive, published author and certified energy healer.


A leading contributor to the field of human potential and a facilitator of personal and organizational change, Lisa’s passion is in promoting excellence in others through coaching, training and inspiration.

Brazelton-738-bw - Version 2.jpg123With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience and former founder and CEO of 3 companies, Lisa brings energetic healing and accelerated conscious awareness to the forefront.

She is known for providing a “bouncing off” place for people to create the greatest version of themselves. “My goal is to blend where people are with a structure and platform from which they can spring off of.” This structure has the potential to change the very DNA of the collective genetic matrix.

Lisa believes people need to understand that limiting philosophies and fixed beliefs create passivity, and that our intricate lives require a balance of responsibility and action fueled by curiosity, creativity and objective discernment. In order to reach higher standards for the benefit of ourselves and our global community, she believes we need to push past barriers by choosing a conscious life and bringing awareness to our daily decisions.

greatest-gift-bookLisa’s book, “The Greatest Gift; Transformational Alchemy and Divine Illumination”, offers practical guidance and contemplation, provoking inquisitiveness for relearning the Self, and acknowledging the internal and external forces that distract us from our higher purpose.  The pages within the book are designed to activate and awaken memory codes embedded within human DNA.  Reading the book has the potential of quickening the actual process of conscious awakening.